A sports theme probably isn’t the first that comes to mind when thinking about Cybis porcelains but in fact they did produce more than a dozen pieces in that genre, starting in the mid-1980s. Two of them were special commissions but the others were all available at retail. Some were human figures and others were animals; however, only one of the “sports player animals” was an original design rather than an adaptation of a prior piece. Let’s take a look at the human studies first.


figure skaters A STAR IS BORN and FIGURE 8 and ENCORE all by CybisThe three figure skaters are profiled in detail in their own separate post but will be summarized here. The first was introduced in 1984. From left to right: A Star is Born from 1984, Encore issued in 1986, and Figure Eight from 1985. They were each priced at $625 at introduction with a declared issue of 750.




Lance, the Jogger was introduced as an open edition in 1980 at $245; he is 14″ high. His 13″ high female companion was also introduced in 1980, probably in the autumn; a contemporary retail newspaper ad shows her at $345 with the caption/name simply as Lady Jogger.




SOCCER PLAYER young boy by CybisThe child sports figures are likewise difficult to date as regards retail introduction year, and none more so than the Soccer Player. The best I can do at this point is to say that he appeared after 1988 because a retail price list that year does not include him. The colorway shown above, with yellow shorts and a black-trimmed shirt, is the photo that appeared on the 2008 Cybis site, priced at $395.

Soccer Player in green colorway by CybisSoccer Player in green colorway signatureHowever, the mold impressions and signature on this alternate colorway (with light green pants and a green-trimmed shirt) sold at auction in 2013 clearly indicates that this design was copyrighted in 1982 but possibly not released until a full decade later (1992, as shown by the date to the left of the Cybis signature.) Despite being marked as a photography-sample piece, it seems this colorway was not the one ultimately chosen for their advertising. These are the only two photos I have of the Soccer Player and would be interested to see a third piece to view the actual colors and retail markings; there is a direct-contact form on the About the Cybis Archive page if anyone has an image to share.



BASEBALL PLAYER young boy by CybisAnother sports piece is the Baseball Player who is 8.5” high. An old auction listing cited it as being “signed 1984” but without a photo of the mark, so I have no idea whether he was actually issued in that year. He doesn’t appear on my 1988 retail list so this might be a similar situation to the Soccer Player. His issue price is unknown.

Baseball Player with red trimmed shirt by CybisThis example differs from the official Cybis photo, and from the others I have seen online, in that the trim on his collar and sleeves is red rather than blue. Was this a one-off or did the trim color vary in production?



LITTLE GYMNAST by CybisLittle Gymnast is another sports child. She appears on a 1988 Cybis sculpture list at $225 and is 10” high.


FOOTBALL PLAYER young boy by CybisThe Football Player is 8.25” high. Issue year is unknown but undoubtedly was concurrent with the other sports children. This is one of only three African-American children that Cybis ever depicted, by the way; the other two were the companion child busts Jason and Jessica shown in the Child Portrait Busts post.



SWIMMER young girl by CybisThe Swimmer matches the other sports designs but is slightly taller at 8.75”. Price and issue details unknown although probably similar.


GONE FISHING by CybisGone Fishing is 9.5” high. Her fishing pole and “catch” display more detail than is shown in the other sports-child designs.

(The non-sports-themed Cybis child sculptures are shown in Cybis ‘Children to Cherish.’)

So at this point we’ve covered eight sports: figure skating, track/jogging, soccer, baseball, football, gymnastics, swimming and fishing. The remaining sports pieces add three more to this list: horse racing, skiing and golf. The two non-retail pieces belong to the golf category and will be shown last.


NASHUA by CybisI may be stretching the definition of “sports sculpture” a bit, but since horse racing is indeed a sport it would be unfair to not include Nashua in this compilation. This piece is 16″ high including the base upon which it sits (unattached.) Introduced in 1971, it also has the distinction of having probably the biggest edition-size reduction in Cybis history: originally declared an issue of 500, it was closed after only 100 were made. Production problems reportedly abounded with this piece. It is also (possibly) the only Cybis piece that actually bears the name of the freelance artist who designed it: James Nelson Slick, the noted equine portrait painter. Nashua sold for $200 during its five-year production run.



SKI BUNNY by CybisThe Ski Bunny, who is also included in A Bonanza of Cybis Bunnies, appeared in 1987 at $250. He is 6″ high.

The other sports bunnies are all golfers, and the “invasion” began in earnest in 1989 with the introduction of the Golf Bunnies. Because that was Cybis’ 50th anniversary year, any of these that were physically produced in 1989 had the special anniversary stamp added to the backstamp. There are four golf bunnies, all made from the same (rabbit) mold but differing in accessory colorway, golf club position, and name. Their 1989 issue prices are unknown but they were on the 2008 Cybis website for $175 each. All are 5.5″ high.
The orange hat/club version is Golf Bunny ‘Gimmie’; the green hat/club version is Golf Bunny ‘Mulligan’; and the blue colorway is Golf Bunny ‘Bogie’. Unfortunately I have no photo of the fourth bunny and only know that the name is Golf Bunny ‘Bunkie’…no clue as to the color of his hat and club handle. Perhaps it is red or purple?

Cybis later added a holiday/holly version to each of the Golf Bunnies, probably in the mid 1990s or later. For those pieces the name is extended by “with Holly”; ergo, they become Golf Bunny ‘Gimmie’ with Holly, Golf Bunny ‘Mulligan’ with Holly, Golf Bunny ‘Bogie’ with Holly, and Golf Bunny ‘Bunkie’ with Holly. Lacking a photo of any of these, I have no idea where/how the holly was added but my guess would be an attachment to the front or side of the cap. Maybe someday one will come up for sale online and we’ll know for sure. 😉



HIPPO BASEBALL FAN by CybisTraveling from the woodlands to the southern continents we have an adaptation of the 1986 Hippo ‘T.G.I.F.’, introduced during the 1990s as Hippo, Baseball Fan ‘Play Ball’. (The copyright impression on the baseball version will likely still say 1986, however.) A a good guess for height is between 5.6″ and 6″ because of the cap which the original (TGIF) does not wear.

There are two golfing bears, one a retail edition and one a special event piece. The retail one appeared – but without any photo – on the 2008 Cybis site as Golfer Bear with Holly at $575, and being 6″ high. The name suggests that (like the Golf Bunnies) there was previously a Golfer Bear without holly which has since been retired; but what did the Golfer Bear look like? The 6″ height may offer a clue.

BEAR CUB WITH HOLLY by CybisThis bear cub was originally one of three included in the Mother Bear with Three Cubs group circa 1983, and offered separately as an open edition on its own in two colorways (brown and white) plus the with-holly version shown above; all of the Cybis bears can be seen in Bulls and Bears in the Cybis Market. It is possible that this sitting cub was used for a golfer bear but that begs the question of whether he was – like the Golf Bunnies – given a hat? If so, the 6″ height would be incorrect because the hatless bear cub is 6″ tall. Perhaps the Golfer Bear was/is simply holding a club (borrowed from the Cybis rabbit warren?) This is another Cybis mystery that awaits one coming up for sale to solve via a photograph!



CHI CHI AND THE BEAR by Cybischi-chi-hat-detailThe final two sports Cybis were special event “golf” pieces. This is called Chi Chi and The Bear and was made for a charity event benefitting the Chi Chi Rodriguez Foundation, to which Joseph Chorlton, director of the Cybis studio, belonged. The “bear” in the name refers also to Jack Nicklaus who was in attendance at the event. A limited number of these were made from the Cybis open edition Woolie Bear mold, with the special hat added and the colorway changed from the standard white to a light golden brown. At first I thought this may have been a one of a kind auction piece but I have since seen a second one for sale that the buyer had autographed by Rodriguez and Nicklaus so it appears to have been an event issue – perhaps 100 or 200, as was typical for Cybis. The event price for Chi Chi is not known. (The autographed one was missing its hat and so I am showing this one instead, even though the hat does have damage.)



RYDER CUP TROPHY by Cybis view 1To round out the known Cybis sports designs there is the Ryder Cup Trophy which was commissioned for the 1987 match played at the Muirfield Golf Club. Details and additional views of this piece (only about 20 of them were made) are found in its own post. It is 15″ high (with lid) and about 8″ across the handles. At least three of these have subsequently been re-sold at auction since their original presentations in 1987.

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