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Wedding sculptures and related items are a relatively recent genre for Cybis, dating only from the late 1980s.

The Wedding Party


BRIDE COMMEMORATIVE brunette by Cybisbride-as-brunette-view-2The first Cybis bridal sculpture appeared in 1987, named Bride and offered in a choice of blonde or brunette for $1500. She was designed by Lynn Klockner Brown. Standing a bit over 12” high, she is a limited edition of 1000 in total – that is, a total of 1000 pieces regardless of hair color (not 1000 per hair color). Her pricing rose to $1650 after just one year. She appears on the current Cybis site as Bride, Commemorative for $2995.

Bride Commemorative redhead by Cybis The option for a red hair color was a later addition, probably in the 1990s. Notice that the redhead example shown carries a bouquet of yellow orchids instead of the pink ones as in the brunette and blonde versions. Although the Cybis site mentions only the hair color being customizable, it seems logical that the flower color would be done on request as well (no doubt at an extra cost.)

There is a possibility that there may have been a slightly different version of the Bride, and that’s due to some ambiguity in the Cybis literature itself. When first introduced in their Fall/Winter 1987 brochure she was called simply “Bride” but a Spring 1988 price list lists her as “Bride, 50th Anniversary” which is itself confusing because the so-called Golden Anniversary pieces didn’t appear until 1989! Most of the 50th Anniversary pieces were also some form of white/gold colorway which would make no sense for a bridal piece. Things get even more muddled with the appearance of the Groom…


Bridegroom with Plinth 50th Anniv version by CybisThe Bridegroom appears for the first time in the same Spring 1988 price list mentioned above, priced at $1650 and described as “Groom, 50th Anniversary.” He too was by Lynn Brown. Concurrently, the above photo appears in the black-and-white Spring 1988 Introductions brochure, with a caption of “Mate to the 50th Anniversary Bride in the Fall/Winter 1988 Collection.” This is problematic because we don’t know whether the “1988” was a typo for 1987 (which would have been correct) OR whether Cybis planned to introduce an alternate version of the original bride later in 1988.  Notice the flower-topped plinth in the photo, an additional element would justify the Bridegroom’s pricing matching that of the more elaborate Bride, as well.

BRIDEGROOM by CybisThis is the only Groom I have seen offered for sale to date, and obviously he is missing his plinth.  What I don’t know is whether it got lost in the interim, or whether a production decision was made at some point to discontinue the plinth element. If anyone does happen to own a Bridegroom complete with plinth, I’d love the chance to solve the mystery with a photo; there is a contact form on the About the Archive page. In any case, the Groom is the same height as the Bride and is now a closed edition; it’s not known whether he was available in a choice of hair color also (if not, it does seem rather unfair!)



BRIDE AND GROOM MINIATURE by CybisThe Bride and Groom (miniature) is a smaller piece at only 7” high. It is an open edition introduced in 1988 at $675; it is now listed on the Cybis site for $795.



FLOWER GIRL by CybisThe Flower Girl was also an open edition and is 4.75” high. She appeared in 1988 for $275 and is now retired. This is the sculpture that was later adapted into the Little Princess that was made available to the Cybis Collectors Society members for a short time.  The introduction brochure put her in the same category (“Miniature Wedding Collection”) as the composite bride/groom piece shown above.



RING BEARER by CybisRing Bearer is likewise 4.75” high and was an open edition from 1988. His pricing was $250 and he too is retired. (Would he have morphed into a “Little Prince” if the Collectors Society had continued?) He too was originally grouped into the “mini wedding” series.

Given the foregoing wedding-party designs, one wonders at the absence of any others and apparantly the 1987 Young Rose sculpture was intended as a bridesmaid; however, if that was indeed the case, one would think that Cybis would have named her “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” to correspond with the rest of the sculptures! As far as I know this was not actually done, probably because the size of Young Rose would have been a bit small at only 9” high… a three-inch difference compared to the bride sculpture. (Young Rose can be seen in two colorways in the Color Confusion post.) However, a 1988 price list did list her under the Wedding category and at a price of $325. It’s not known when she was removed from the Wedding category and placed instead into the “Children to Cherish” group where she now resides at $395 on their site.



HERE COMES THE BRIDE brunette by CybisHERE COMES THE BRIDE in blonde by CybisHere Comes the Bride by Cybis view 2Another bride sculpture in a smaller size and open edition is Here Comes the Bride which is 7.5” high. Like the larger limited edition Commemorative Bride, this piece can also be had in a choice of three hair colors. Pricing is currently set at $395 for the brunette or redhead, and at $495 for the blonde. The exact issue year is unknown but may have been either 1990 or 1991.


Wedding Giftware

There was a Wedding Bell made by Cybis in white bisque and in color from the 1950s to the early 1960s. It was 3.5” high and sold $10 and $15 respectively. Both Cybis in Retrospect and the 1979 Cybis catalog cite this item but neither included a photo. After the retirement of this bell there were no wedding items of any kind offered by Cybis until the late 1980s.


BRIDAL CENTERPIECE in white bisque by CybisBridal Centerpiece in white and gold by CybisThe Bridal Centerpiece was introduced in 1987 as part of the debut of Cybis’ wedding collection and was designed by Lynn Klockner Brown. (The uppermost dove had appeared in 1986 with its wings in a more upright position as the open edition Dove shown in Later Birds.) The early 1988 price list shows the Centerpiece retailing for $425. It is 8.5″ high which means it can also be used as a cake topper. The current Cybis site pricing is $599. At some point (probably 1989 or later) a gold-accented version was added. The current Cybis site pricing is $599 and the image there is of the gold-accented version, so perhaps the all-white one is no longer available (a pity, because I think it is more attractive!) All of the wedding giftware items are/were  nonlimited editions.


WEDDING HEART BOX by CybisThe Wedding Heart Box was originally named the Romance Heart Box with Rings when introduced in 1987 for $275. It is the same as the Romance Heart Box shown in Giftware, but in a different colorway and with the rose replaced by a pair of wedding bands. It is 2.5” high and 5” wide. This heart box was last priced at $395 before retirement.


WEDDING VASE WITH DOVES by CybisThis White Vase with Doves is shown on the Cybis for $95 and was originally offered as the White Wedding Vase with Doves although it was eventually removed from their wedding section for some reason. It was also made in black for a short time in the late 1980s; that version is shown in the Giftware post. It is 6.5” high.

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